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Currently, few areas of law change as rapidly, and impact employers and insurers as much as workers’ compensation. With the constant increasing cost of doing business, it is vital that you have years of experience on your side. Employer Defense Group, LLP’s attorneys are well versed in representing employers and insurers in all aspects of workers’ compensation claims.

Successful defense of workers’ compensation claims necessitates a total commitment to being up-to-date on this ever-changing area of law. We constantly review the latest changes affecting our clients, and are experts, both in and out of the courtroom. We utilize an assertive approach to defending claims, and to claim avoidance. We often collaborate with our clients to develop policies which reduce the possibility of claims occurring, and endeavor to reduce expenses if the claim becomes subject to litigation.

Workers Compensation Defense Legal Team

Workers’ Compensation Defense

Workers’ compensation requires more than just delivering medical treatment or writing a check. Workers’ Compensation demands active claims management to return injured workers back to productive employment, recognizing problem cases and taking assertive steps to resolve them, and litigating cases that cannot settled. Workers’ Compensation law in California changes regularly, and staying abreast of these changes is not easy. Successful management of Workers’ Compensation claims often demands the attention of an attorney who focuses on workers’ compensation law on a daily.

Years of Expertise

Years of Expertise

Employer Defense Group, LLP’s skillful attorneys have focused knowledge in every aspect of California’s workers’ compensation from the defense perspective, including:

  • Defending claim denials or benefit denials
  • Termination of claims
  • Workers’ compensation subrogation
  • Advantageous settlement of claims
  • Determination opinions
  • Emergency rule hearings

Our Principles

We know that any one claim or group of claims does not exist in a vacuum. We defend our clients enthusiastically and we pride ourselves on getting the results that our clients value.

We view our relationship with each client as a collaboration. Out team continuously connects with our clients to recognize their opportunities and challenges. We are committed to providing excellent service in every aspect of our representation.  We strive to be decisive and responsive to our client’s. We empower our clients to determine the direction the legal representation should take, and the and expense to be extended. Our team is committed to providing experienced and effective representation at a reasonable cost. We keep clients wholly informed and current at each step of the claim process.

Our team knows that following our set values increases our ability to provide advantageous outcomes for our clients. We methodically, map our strategy in discussions and correspondence in every case. All of the work we preform is meaningful and meticulously reviewed. Our evaluations are based on experience and a complete understanding of the law.

Our firm understands that the manner in which we cater to your needs plays a part in the result our clients desire, and to ensure our clients are provided with a high level of service, we give clear, timely, advice.

Employer Defense Group, LLP is highly skilled and possesses a high level of competence in Workers’ Compensation Defense, we understand that, it is our responsibility to help clients circumvent litigation. If litigation is required, our team is committed to doing everything in our power to achieve the results our client’s desire.

We Provide Workers' Compensation Defense Throughout California

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