The Firm

No matter how vigilant employers are, sometimes things do happen. When an employee is hurt, a complicated labyrinth of statutes, rules and formulas govern what is considered “defendable” or what otherwise represents adequate compensation. Additionally, workers’ compensation cases often intermingle with other parts of employment law, such as light-duty “accommodation” approaches, drug testing requirements, and willful misconduct defenses.

Employer Defense Group, LLP provides workers’ compensation defense services in the state of California. Our team of knowledgeable and aggressive attorneys can assist employers in managing claims promptly, economically, and with a focus on achieving business goals.

We have experience in all phases of workers’ compensation and are familiar with California’s complex statutes, rules, and formulas. We help our clients navigate this legal maze, which often overlaps with other areas of employment law, such as light-duty accommodations, drug testing requirements, 132a, and serious and willful misconduct defense.

Why We Are Different

  • Employer Defense Group, LLP focuses exclusively on workers’ compensation defense. Unlike some law firms in which workers’ compensation is thought of as an offshoot, we have a team with knowledgeable and assertive, attorneys that concentrate solely on workers’ compensation defense including, subsequent injury trust fund pursuit recovery, subrogation protection, and risk reduction advising.
  • But we are always aware of the end goal. We are not a traditional workers’ compensation only firm. Because we were founded by a career General Counsel, our workers’ compensation clients get additional value from the depth of resources of a leading labor and employment law firm and our knowledge of additional areas of concern – such as return-to-work matters, terminations, FMLA, COBRA, ADA, HIPAA and OSHA – that are intertwined with workers’ compensation issues and can increase your liability if not managed properly.
  • Our clients value our uncompromising economical system of defending and closing claims, and our ability to handle claims in the most cost-effective manner. Insurers find their insureds have confidence in Employer Defense Group, LLP to help diminish and prevent exposure in workers’ compensation claims.
  • Our workers’ compensation team is keenly aware of cost-conscious decisions our clients make and we believe these decisions are best made when completely informed. Our team works together to cost-effectively defend claims. Employer Defense Group, LLP’s rates are competitive and we ensure our clients get an aggressive defense and counsel from experienced lawyers.
  • Employer Defense Group, LLP has successfully defended every mode of workers’ compensation claims ranging from basic credibility cases to carpal tunnel or back strain cases to amputations, death, and alleged permanent total/catastrophic cases.

  • Employer Defense Group, LLP’s Workers Compensation Defense team represents clients in a variety of industries. Moreover, we are often asked to conduct training for our clients.